Meet Julia Berger, LCSW

Nice to meet you! I'm an NY based therapist specializing in telehealth therapy for individuals to build a balanced life.

My Approach

I aim to support you to a balanced and thriving life. My therapeutic style integrates psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, mindfulness oriented techniques and EMDR. I am also a certified positive discipline parent educator and a founder of

Conditions I treat:Anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma

Populations I treat:Adults, Adolescents

My Background

In 2018 I got my Masters in Social Work from New York University. Upon graduation I decided to focus my care on adolescent and adult populations, with a specific focus on interactions between parents and children. I speak both English and Russian.

My education:MSW (Masters in Social Work) from New York University

My specialties:Life transitions, parenting, chronic illness, dealing with anxiety and depression

We'll work well together if...

You're struggling to balance your career with a happy home life

You're going through a tough change and need help to help you get the most out of life

You need the tools, strategies, and support to raise your children

Your struggles are making you anxious, irritable, and depressed

Hi, I'm Julia

I am so happy you took the first step to seek support.

I started my career as a successful young advertising executive and then a founder and managing partner of a healthcare company. After battling cancer, I decided to make a big change in my life and returned to school to become a therapist to help people go through some of the difficult moments I went through in career and life. I work with many successful professionals, business owners, parents and young adults to help them balance and improve their lives. I am here to provide the support, insight and tools you need to get the most out of your life in a warm, accepting and collaborative manner. I am also a proud mother of 2 and have a Certificate in Positive Parenting from University of Pennsylvania. I am available days and evenings for Telehealth appointments for all New York State, New York City and surrounding areas. Together we will develop insight into the challenges and effective ways to tackle unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, working through what stands in the way of your happiness.

Career and business success can balance with a happy home life.

I love to work with curious, high achieving, ambitious people and help them balance their professional success with personal relationships, pressures of parenting, keeping up with partners and home life. Seeking help is not a weakness, you've proven yourself, now get some help to achieve your next level.

Going through a tough change? Let's get through it together.

Life transitions are hard, whether it be a new job/career, work challenges, parenting, separation or divorce, a new relationship, or health issues. Let's talk about the tools you need to navigate these changes, create a new perspective and help you get the most out of your life.

Kids are a blessing! Especially when we are able to see that.

Kids are a handful at the best of times. Other times it's hard to see past the maddening, frustrating, screaming, anxious hour. As a Certified Positive Parenting Coach, I will partner with you to give you the tools, the patience and the fortitude to get through the day, the week and the school year.


What insurance carriers do you accept?

At this time I do not accept insurance and provide services out of network only for new patients. A master bill will be provided on request for you to seek insurance reimbursement if applicable. Payment is required at the time of your session through online payment platforms like Venmo and Zelle. Prior to starting our journey, we highly recommend that you contact your insurance to check your out-of-network benefits, reimbursement rates, telehealth coverage and deductible. Many are positively surprised that their insurance plan provides significant reimbursement benefits for this treatment.

Where are you based?

I'm based in Long Island, New York, but see patients virtually all across New York!

Do you offer virtual sessions?

Absolutely! I offer primarily virtual sessions for all of my clients, allowing you the flexibility to join therapy from anywhere.

Ready to get started?

The hardest part of getting better is reaching out to start the healing process. I invite you to contact me for a free consultation to see if my style and approach fits your needs. I am licensed in New York State and provide self-pay out-of-network telehealth service during days and evenings. I look forward to meeting you. If you have questions before scheduling, please feel free to email me.


Julia Berger is therapist licensed in the state of New York offering telehealth therapy for individuals seeking to balance success and happiness.

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